The Best Things I Bought In 2017

I felt a shift in my shopping habits in 2017. While I definitely purchased some things that I now look at and think "Why? I didn't need this. I don't even like it that much," I'm happy to report that I noticed this past year it's happening less and less as my buying gets more deliberate (when I said I wanted to live with conviction in 2018, that includes shopping). Minimalism is the goal and, at almost 31, I feel like I'm finally on my way to that notion. Maybe not capsule wardrobe level yet, but getting there slowly and surely.

All that said, I'm pretty proud of my favorite purchases of 2017 because (at least to me) they were all deliberate buys. From clothing to home goods to nerdy tech stuff, I tried to be thoughtful with what I bought and why. Of course, you have to have to allow room for some non-sensical "fun" purchases, but long-lasting basics come first. And always for a bargain. Scroll below to see what I consider my best retail decisions of 2017.


I NEVER buy expensive sunnies. Ever. I don't see the point in dropping that much on something I will more than likely lose. However, I decided to treat myself to one pair this year and am so happy I invested in these. I wear them almost daily and love the style so much.


I have a feeling Nordstrom made a small fortune off this dress in 2017. I mean, it's $46 and comes in 9 colors! I grabbed the black and maroon and turn to them all the time when I'm in a pinch and need something surefire and cute. More importantly though — these booties. They are very pricey and a total splurge, but I was up for a new pair of black booties and decided to invest. And BOY, am I glad I did. I've worn the absolute shit out of them and will continue to.

IMG_6156 (1).JPG

THE brush and THE lipstick

For anyone reading who bought THE BRUSH after I raved about it for weeks — SO GOOD, RIGHT? And it's now $5 from Target. WHAT THE DICK. $5 for a brush that makes your makeup look airbrushed? Done. I also got the amazing "Pillow Talk" lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury late last year (s/o to my friend Matti for finding it first) and am so sad it took that long for me to find the absolute perfect pink/nude. 



I wore these jeans so much this year, the crotch is dangerously close to giving out and THEY'RE NOW 50% OFF. They are impossibly comfortable and can be styled so many ways. The gold hoops are $20 and quickly became a staple in my jewelry collection. They're perfect when you're feeling a bit more feisty. And the Nikes. Well. I consider them my children,  basically. They're so versatile, and I will wear them until the soles give out.

IMG_3720 (1).JPG


Douchey? Sure, to some. But not me. All my life, I've wanted glasses. So when I tried these on at Warby Parker, I decided I was ready to take the heat for wearing non-prescrip glasses. They're a great accessory, #ONBRAND, AND all of WP's glasses have a protective film to help your eyes vs. the computer. So. TAKE THAT.

IMG_4334 (1).JPG


2017 was the year I became a real woman and got a king bed; therefore, new bedding was in order. I picked up two sets of #ONBRAND sheets from Target (that I love equally as much) and got the bed quilt I had been coveting for months since I saw it at a gorgeous home goods store in Portland called Parachute (all their stuff is beautiful — just wish I could afford more than the bed quilt. One day maybe). I also started off my entire rebrand with THE CHAIR (a $99 STEAL), elevated my shower by getting rid of rusty shower caddies and replacing them with cheap and effective Command ledges, and got a cute mini light box to write sometimes motivational but mainly non-sensical messages to myself for fun.


I bought two pairs of bluetooth headphones in 2017: one set of earbuds for the gym and one set of air traffic control looking ones for work/life/travel. Both were grade A purchases that I use almost daily. The Bose ones are an investment, yes, but well worth it if you're in the market (and I was). I also got the handiest little $12 tripod to take better selfies, and an amazing $12 wireless charger for my iPhone. Tech yeah (wow)!


I wanted a pair of those damn Gucci loafers so bad, so I was elated when I found these last year at Target (because Target is everything). I actually scooped up two pairs so I had a backup, and now? They're on sale for $19. WHAT IS THIS LIFE?



I had been coveting a sweater just like this for months before finding this one at Target for a fraction of the cost. It's my favorite sweater, and I've worn it all winter. Plus, it's now $13. THIRTEEN DOLLARS. Unheard of.


Oh look! The $46 dress and my Nikes. I had been looking for the perfect oversized jean jacket for a while, and finally found it at BP in Nordstrom last year. It's roomy yet chic, I love the wash, and it's a cool $70. 🙌🏼

Pretty solid buys, right? I thought so, anyway. Let's see if I can do the same in 2018. Come back this time next year.