A Curly Hair Tutorial

This has been a long time coming. I finally sat down to walk y'all through how the hell I deal with my erratic, unpredictable mane. Please note my methods are always changing. As I say in the video, curly hair has a mind of its own and hormones, weather, and God knows what else are constantly fucking with it which can make styling it next to impossible on the worst days. However, I do my best and these are my two methods (one for when I wear it naturally and one for when I use heat on it via a blow dryer and curling wand). And better yet, there's an impromptu makeup routine throw in (or as the YouTubers call it "Get Ready With Me") since I legitimately recorded these in the moment/the morning of and had to get ready anyway. All products (hair, makeup, and even clothes) will be linked underneath the video so watch, enjoy, and maybe learn some new tricks!