Look Cute While Kicking Ass: Affordable Workout Wear For The Everyday Gal

Let's get one thing straight. This isn't a "Ways To Stay Motivated" post because the truth of the matter is motivation comes down to you and only you. No one can force you to stick with, take up, or even consider the idea of a fitness routine unless you've already decided that's what you want to do. That said, if cute, affordable workout clothes cause your motivation muscle to stir and, if seeing an average, approachable gal sport those cute, affordable workout clothes makes that motivation perk up even more, then you've come to the right place.

If you're new here, here's a quick background of my own fitness journey: I didn't grow up athletic; I grew up trying to land leading roles in school plays and phoning it on the drill team. It wasn't until college that I was even properly introduced to a gym and taught how to exercise (s/o to my best friend of 13 years for showing me the ropes, machines, treadmills, and every other gym thing ever). Once graduated and out in the real world, my gym habits were sporadic. I'd sign up for a gym, go twice, and cancel my membership. I'd do a few yoga classes, decide that was my new thing, and never go again. I'd go on a long walk once a week and consider that enough. Finally, I joined a big gym (LA Fitness) and began implementing all the practices my best friend had taught me back in college. And, although I was going 3-4 times a week, I wasn't seeing the results required to convince me it was all worth it. That's when I turned to BBG (Bikini Body Guide) by Kayla Itsines and never looked back (unless it's looking back at pictures of my body before BBG because that's always fun to do). 

While BBG is naturally self-motivating, I'm still a girl which means I still will find any excuse to buy cute workout gear for even more motivation to get up and go. And the best news? My favorite workout wear is 95% from GAP, which means it's almost always on sale! What you're about to witness will have you convinced this is a sponsored post, but it's no such thing (I wish). I just love GapFit that much* and, although I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend on super stylish leggings and tops, yah girl's burpee'ing on a budget. So here are some of my absolute favorite pieces that make me feel comfortable, cute and, most importantly, like a boss ass bitch in the gym**.


Oh! And before you ogle my pseudo fitness modeling skills, I put together a highly requested workout playlist so you have something to move to in your new workout wear. It's on Spotify, so check it out here and be sure to follow the playlist so it's bookmarked. I'll be adding to it whenever I hear a new and incredibly offensive trap rap song.

*I'm a small in all things GapFit.

**I never workout at collegiate tracks. We just really loved this location to take pictures. Really committing to the cause, you guys. 

If you follow me, you know THE hoodie and that I wear it to and from the gym often. But I've never talked about my gym backpack, which I love. It's by a brand call Vooray, has an #onbrand color scheme, and is just an adorable, handy bag to haul around whatever it is you bring with you to the gym (be it tampons, sweat wipes, snacks, or a bottle of wine).

GapFit's Breathe line is my absolute favorite material to work out in, no competition. It's incredibly soft and, well, breathable! Any time they roll out a new color, I grab it. I love their long-sleeve Breathe tee for chillier days/outdoor jaunts, and the short-sleeve v-necks for warmer weather/indoor sweat sessions.

This GAP Breathe pullover hoodie is a new favorite. I love the front pocket, and the ability to cover up my head/hair if I feel so inclined. It comes in 9 (!!!) colors and is ideal to throw on for my morning walks with Cece.

My workout leggings are always black (yah girl sweats in inopportune places and can't mess around with colored workout pants), and almost always GAP. I love the zippers on these ones (L), but really all of their leggings are great. I also have a soft spot for Zella (R). These "live-in" leggings live up to their name. You wear them for a workout or throw them on with a cute oversized top for a more casual, athleisure-y look. They're also high-waist, which means you can tuck it all in and worry about it later.

I love my Nikes you've seen in today's pictures a lot (and they're currently on sale!). I consider them my cardio shoe. They originally came with grey laces for a monochrome look, but I switched them to black cause I do what I want.

However, my absolute favorite gym shoe that doesn't get enough love: my Reebok Furylites. These shoes are light as air but incredibly supportive and perfect for more stationary workouts (lifting, body weight work, etc.). They're easy slip-on, slip-off and just a cool looking shoe altogether. They're available on Amazon in several different styles, and also from Six:02.


(all photos shot by Whitney)

That's all she wore, folks. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions this post inspired! I'm happy to answer clothing-related questions and even talk to you about BBG if you're intrigued or been flirting with the idea of trying it. You can also  browse everything I modeled in this post plus check out my three favorite sports bras (wasn't comfortable modeling those on-camera, ya dig?) via the pictures below.