Tuesdays Are The WOAT

Monday has a feel.

Wednesday has a feel.

Thursday has a feel.

And obviously, Friday-Sunday have their very specific feels.

But Tuesday has no feel because it is unequivocally the worst day of the week. Not Monday.


Monday is what it is. We all know it’s coming. We all dramatically dread it every Sunday around 5pm. But even though it’s the start of the work week, the familiarity of Monday and office-wide moaning and groaning about Monday makes it bearable. No one wants to be here. We’re all coming down off the weekend high (even if we spent the entire weekend inside our house, refusing to leave and interact with the general public, and rewatching The Office for the 15th time). No one’s brain is fully functioning and won’t be until Monday night, around 7pm. We’re all getting our bearings, and there’s an unspoken understanding to not ask too much of one another today. Not today.

But then, once you’ve successfully cooked a healthy Monday night dinner you swear you’ll use as a jumping off point for the rest of the week to make good choices, completed your 12-step skincare routine, and put yourself to bed, it’s Tuesday.


To start, the traffic on Tuesdays is always fucked. People wake up knowing it’s the worst of the week and take it out on the road. Accidents galore, worse-than-usual merging skills, backups for no reason. Hell, sometimes even stoplights just HAPPEN to be out on Tuesdays. The roads and highways leading us to the office don’t even cooperate on Tuesdays because they, like us, know how fucked this day of the week is.

And the office air is different on Tuesdays. Suddenly, as if it happened overnight (it did), your comrades of yesterday who were bitching about Monday and work and not wanting to be there are now your enemies. The same people who were asking you about your weekend and more than happy to create hours-long side conversations to get you both through the workday are now heads down, all business. There’s no laughing. No smiling. Just business. They’re 100% hating their lives, but they’re out of complaining mode and into work mode now, and it’s honestly a shock to the system every Tuesday. Where did your comrades in complaining go? Why are they suddenly acting like you didn’t discuss just yesterday how drunk you got on Saturday, and the new guy you’re dating. You’re left wondering if it was something you did or said when, in reality, it’s not you — it’s Tuesday.

And the meetings. THE FUCKING MEETINGS. Tuesday is the busiest, most stressful, meeting-full day of the week. Out of their Monday fog, NOW everyone wants to get serious and kick off a project, circle back on that one email, touch base on a task, and check in on deadlines. The day is ripe with stress, aggravation, tension, and dread. Because at least we have the whimsy of Monday, the “halfway there!” of Wednesday, the “Friday eve!” of Thursday, and the holiest of days — Friday. Tuesday we have shit. It just is. It’s the second (or third, depending on how how you see it) day of the week, and it’s terrible from start to finish. There’s no hope on Tuesday. It’s just a stupid day between Monday and Wednesday that works you to the bone and reminds you of all the shit you have to get done between now and the end of the week (which seems like a month away).

In conclusion, fuck Tuesdays. Make it a point every week to do something for yourself on the worst day of the week. Schedule a mani/pedi, workout extra hard, make a great dinner with a great bottle of wine, have a standing event (trivia, dog park, that’s all I can think of right now). Just do SOMETHING to soften the blow of the worst day of the week, and if all else fails, complain about it openly because you are not alone.