Into It (vol. 13)

My sister pointed out the other week that I haven’t done an “Into It” since October, so I dedicate this list of things I’m currently into to her.

But also, may I point out — with Instagram stories, I let y’all know what I’m into on a daily basis. Usually, multiple things, multiple times a day. It’s hard not to when I can be so in-the-moment with you guys. Thusly, I feel like I don’t have much to share via my blog since I’m alerting you guys daily to what’s titillating my senses. But, I also know how lovely it is to have a compiled list of things to refer back to instead of stories that disappear in 24 hours, so the “Into It” posts will live on.

INTO IT: Session Pilates

Truly, my fitness journey over the last 5 months or so has been so bizarre for me personally. For FOREVER, I hated classes. Like, despised. Had no interest, didn’t wanna go, wasn’t keen to the whole thing. But let me tell you, Orange Theory has opened my eyes to the positives of group fitness and now, I’ll try just about anything once (except Crossfit). With this newfound love for classes, I decided to give pilates a try for the first time ever via Session pilates here in Dallas. I’d always been intrigued, but am so used to high intensity workouts, that I automatically assumed I’d be bored or unchallenged or hate it. WRONG ON ALL ACCOUNTS. Not only is that shit hard as fuck, but I love the change of pace from the running and rowing of Orange Theory. You work on a reformer, and my abs and ass have never been so sore. It’s low intensity but challenging, and I truly look forward to it every week now. Which brings me to my next topic…

INTO IT: Switching it up fitness-wise

Along with stubbornly standing firm in hating group fitness, I also have always been that person who gets into a routine at the gym and sticks with it, come hell or high water. I’m a creature of habit, so when I find something that “works” and has a pattern, I latch onto it. Thusly why I did the exact same exercises at all gyms forever, and why I did like 15 rounds of BBG. I was dangerously close to getting in the same rut with Orange Theory because I was so high on it, but I guess I’ve matured because adding in pilates is a big step for me in terms of branching out and seeing that it’s okay to switch it up. In fact, I just took my Orange Theory membership down from unlimited to two classes a week! So now my schedule will look like pilates twice a week and OT twice a week, and I’m feeling very happy and balanced about it all.

INTO IT: Scrunchies with bows

I mean. I’ve always had a soft spot in my curly hair for hair accessories. When you have this much erratic hair, it’s much easier to deal with by way of ribbons, bows, headbands, hats, etc. I’ll admit, I didn’t think I’d get into the scrunchie coming back. But I did and now, with the addition of a faux bow tied onto those scrunchies? GET OUT OF HERE AND INTO MY HAIR. I love them. They’re perfectly playful while remaining stylish and classy.

INTO IT: Ariana

Y’all. I’ll be the first to admit I am always late to the game re: being obsessed with pop singers. It’s happened with so many, I can’t keep count. I think it’s just my natural reaction to be super stubborn about loving what millions of people love (call me a hipster. I don’t care). I had zero interest in Ariana for years until I started working at such a female-heavy company and one clad with girls in their young 20s. Suddenly, I was gathering around the computer to watch world premieres of music videos and enjoying it? And now, I’ve had her latest album on loop this entire week with no signs of letting up. I did this exact thing with Taylor Swift, so I know it will pass. Until then, though, you can find me mouthing words to all her songs and probably doing tiny dance moves at my desk.


Fucking Target. I swear. I haven’t ordered this personally because I just ordered 3 colors in this one because it’s my favorite bikini, BUT, I have my eyes on this number. It’s so good? Why does Target have to be so good. WHY.

INTO IT: Low carb

For forever, I’ve preached that diets are fucking stupid and don’t work and aren’t sustainable. I still believe in this. However, I’ve been at Orange Theory since October and eating what I think is a balanced diet, yet feel bulkier than ever. I have been insanely frustrated lately with my progress and after complaining about it enough while in Mexico 3 weeks ago, my best friend convinced me to mix pilates or yoga into my fitness routine for lengthening and toning, and another girl on the trip suggested I try Keto. Trying any sort of “diet” is foreign to me and just the thought puts me in a bad mood. But she caught me on a good day, because I was like “Ya know what. Ok.” So, upon returning from Mexico, I signed up for my first pilates class and tried Keto for a few days. Within those few days, I had lost a few pounds. And yes, I know it was most likely water weight, but I was shocked at the immediate effects of decreasing my carb intake. However, true Keto is fucking insane and absolutely not sustainable for the long-term. We’re talking 5g of carbs a day, and onions have 12g in them, bananas have 27g, and apples have 25g. So, if you’re truly on Keto, it’s extremely wild shit. So instead, for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying a new low-carb approach to life mixed with 2 pilates classes a week and 2 Orange Theory classes a week (very different from my 3-4 OT classes a week and “balanced” diet with a lot of “cheating” involved), and I’m down 3-5 pounds (depending on the day) and have been able to keep it that way. I don’t know if it’s the actual carbs or the sugar, but it’s working. I haven’t had any sort of cookie, candy, cake, cupcake, brownie, ice cream, nothing since Mexico (which is a feat being in an office that seems to always be busting with those things), so maybe that’s playing into it? I don’t know. All I know is, I definitely feel better. No, low-carb is not easy at the fuck all. But, I’m still enjoying pizza or pad thai or a sandwich once or twice a week while maintaining the loss I’ve seen, and that’s pretty exciting.

INTO IT: Sharing my new adventures of dating on Twitter

For years, I’ve been screaming into the abyss that is Twitter. I’ve never taken off on it, though. I don’t think I’m Twitter’s type, and that’s okay. However, I’ve found solstice in it since my latest breakup. The fact that I’m SO unheard on there and now protected by making my tweets private unless you follow me is the release I needed. I can’t post my dating adventures to Instagram or the blog because I have zero control over the lot of people who read and see it. But with a private Twitter account, I can vent to the few of you who are here for the ride and invested. Of course, I have to trust that y’all don’t take screenshots of my tweets and share them, but I have a feeling you’re above that. So, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, do it so you can witness the shit show of dating in 2019. It’s obviously @emmasthing.

INTO IT: This fucking water bottle

I debated getting this for WEEKS. I shit you not, I went to the website at least once a day and contemplated it. I finally buckled, it arrived, and I can already attest to how much more water it influences you to drink. Like I legitimately followed it by the hour and, although I was peeing every hour, I drank so. much. fucking. water. It’s adorable AND healthy? Color me basic.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 15.59.53.png