Golden Goose Sneakers: Worth It Or Nah?

Let’s get one thing straight: I am NOT in the habit of dropping big time money on clothing. I prefer to spend a little here and there until it quickly adds up to a lot, but somehow I don’t feel as bad about it because it wasn’t all one lump sum. It’s a fun (and expensive) game I like to play with myself.

However, for months now I’ve been debating investing in a pair of the highly coveted Golden Goose sneakers. Yes, they are purposely dirty-looking. Yes, they are offensively expensive. But the problem is that their Mid Star style has fucking GOLDEN written on the back. I could care less about the low-top version. I mean, they’re fine and cute and all but they don’t have GOLDEN printed on them so they’ve never really caught my attention. But the Mid Stars, though.

So, about a week before my birthday, I decided to look at them again and closely this time. There are SO many styles of Golden Goose sneakers, so it was overwhelming at first. There’s plain, sparkled, pattern — truly, a perfect style exists for everyone. Plus, no two in the world are the same (which greatly adds to the price point, as well as the high quality leather and suede that create the shoe itself). They’re all handmade in Italy, so you’re not going to find an identical pair, which makes them feel even more custom and special.

They also start at around $400 and go up from there.

But guys. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them for months and months now, and IT FUCKING SAYS GOLDEN ON THE BACK. IF ANYONE SHOULD OWN THEM IT’S ME.

Now, as funky as I can be, I knew right off the bat that if I ended up getting a pair of GG sneaks, then I wanted them to be slightly straightforward to ensure they go with every outfit and can be worn whenever, wherever. Therefore, after much browsing and debating, I knew I had found THE ones when I landed on these babies.


White/grey/off-white with the actually perfect color combo on the back? If I could’ve designed a pair for myself, they wouldn’t have been far off from exactly how these look. I was instantly set on getting these into my life. The only problem?

They didn’t have my size a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e.

I was devastated. I even called the Golden Goose brick and mortar store in New York looking for them with no luck. I was running out of options and preemptively mourning such a terrible loss in my life UNTIL: enter Fashion Jackson. Amy and I have been good friends for years now so, naturally, I was lamenting to her about not being able to find THE perfect sneaker that I had already gotten my hopes up on since that’s what I do with all things in life. Well, she isn’t a incredibly successful fashion blogger for nothing because not 5 hours later, she had found THE LAST SIZE 37 IN AMERICA AT THE SAN FRANCISCO STORE. I’d never been more ready to throw $530 at a friend, and I did. Shamelessly.

So far, they truly are the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned. With sneakers being SO in right now, I’ve paired them with literally every outfit since last Friday, and they’ve looked perfect with them all. I even wore them to our big finale party during conference on Saturday night with a bodysuit and a sequin skirt, and it looked dope as fuck! THAT’S how versatile these shoes are.

An incredible detail that is not apparent to the naked eye from the outside in is that each pair of Golden Goose sneakers has a bit of platform built-in! Not only to give you a lift, but for extreme comfort. And it doesn’t hurt that the platform ends up making your legs looking a bit longer (esp if you’re a 5’4” shorty like me).

Basically, for never spending THAT much money on ONE singular item, you have to trust that Golden Goose sneakers (specifically the Mid Stars) are 100% worth it. If you love sneakers and wear them enough to justify dropping the money, I implore you to do so. Also Nordstrom, Revolve, and Shopbop have good selections of GG sneaks, but they’re all over the web so search your heart out until you find THE ones. Never give up.