Quick, Easy Daily Makeup with Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve been wearing and swearing by Charlotte’s Magic Foundation for two years now. Besides her lipsticks, it’s the only product of hers I’ve owned up until yesterday. After work, I had to run to the mall to restock my foundation since I was down to the point of using the stick of the pump to apply it. One thing about me — I’m not easily convinced when it comes to introducing new beauty products into my routine. I’ve worked long and hard to get my routine down pat and, typically, when I’m on a mission to restock on ONE product, that’s what I do.

Enter fabulous Nordstrom/Charlotte Tilbury employee, Holden, who was serving major JVN vibes and had the most flawless makeup on. I told him exactly what I needed (Magic Foundation in No.7), and that’s when he hit me with “Is that all?”

Was it?

Was that all?

“Well…” I nervously muttered. “Do you guys have a concealer stick? I’m sort of interested in trying that.”

Then, all hell broke loose. To make it even easier on adorable Holden, I didn’t wear a stitch of make up yesterday, which made me the ideal blank slate. So, there I was. Somehow getting sucked deeper into the Charlotte Tilbury station, sitting in a chair, ready for whatever Holden wanted to put on my face.

Not only did I walk away with concealer and foundation, but I also left with their top-selling Magic Cream and a new lip gloss. Believe me when I say, this never happens. I go in for what I need, get it, and leave. But there was something magical about Holden and Charlotte together that inevitably lowered my guard and made me feel braver about trying new things.

The Magic Cream is a daily moisturizer that replaces what you’re already using. Because Magic Foundation is a matte finish and can sometimes be drying, Charlotte & team created this cream to go with it in an effort to lock in moisture and create a glowing, dewy look that makes application of the foundation that much better. As I say in my IGTV video, I probably shouldn’t’ve bought the cream since my skin is so sensitive and it’s sure to cause a reaction, but I couldn’t help myself. I loved the feel of it and especially the look of it.

The concealer was everything I thought it’d be. From using it just one time, I realized a little goes a LONG way, so my suggestion is to go light with it and it will still have marvelous effects. My under eyes look bright and aren’t a dead giveaway for how shitty I’ve gotten about getting to bed at a decent time.

Lastly, Holden somehow convinced me that I needed lip gloss (probably because he literally kept describing things as “Cute!” just like JVN, and I was moved). I never do lip gloss — I find it sticky and gross and messy. However, Charlotte truly can do no wrong, so I went for it and am very happy I did. It’s a new formula she’s calling Latex Love Long-Lasting Lip Gloss, and I got it in the Belle du Soir shade (a true nude). So far, I’m loving it and, by using her Pillow Talk lip liner underneath it, it seems to be really staying on which is lovely.

For more details on my quick, easy daily makeup routine WITH these new products added in, watch my IGTV video in which I demonstrate them all. You can also shop/browse any of the products below!