What I Packed For Vegas (Or Why Traveling During The Summer Is The Best)

Flat lays are hard. I don’t know how so many bloggers and influencers make it look so easy and clean and bright and clear. I guess great natural lighting, white fur throws, and marble tabletops go a long way but GUESS WHAT? I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THOSE THINGS AT MY DISPOSAL. So, I do the best I can with what I have. If you can’t handle me at my poor-excuse-for-a-flat-lay, you don’t deserve me whenever I figure out a picturesque flat lay.

But enough about flat lays. I wanted to share with you guys what I packed in my suitcase for Vegas because, why the F not? I don’t think I’ve ever shared a “what I packed for vacation” post, so it’s overdue. Now, don’t get too excited—there’s nothing earth-shattering in this carry-on. I just wanted to #subtleflex on how I packed a minimal yet highly efficient assortment of items to bring along for the ride.


Can I start this by saying that packing for summer trips is the absolute best? As someone who travels to Chicago often, packing for trips during the summertime is a very welcome break from figuring out how to pack 5 sweaters, 2 coats, 3 pairs of boots, 2 scarves, and God knows what else. Plus, summertime packing is so easy not only because the amount of material that comes along with warm weather clothing is minimal, but also because my style during the summer is minimal. As someone who is self-admittedly quick to sweat, I’ve more or less pared my summer wardrobe down to two things: shorts and white tops.

So for this trip to desert-hot Vegas, I packed my three favorite pairs of shorts: a denim and a black denim from Madewell, along with my trusty pair of Levi’s (which I wore the majority of the time).

For tops, although all white, I wanted some variety so I went with my favorite plain tank, a v-neck tee, a sleeveless number with some cute detailing, and a dependable button down. I also threw in a black version of my favorite tank because, well, it’s my favorite tank. Need I explain further?

Next came THE bodysuit. I really can’t say enough good about this Free People bodysuit. It’s incredibly flattering, comfortable, and makes for the easiest outfit no matter what you pair with it.

BUT ALSO, while I have you here, I wanted to bring another fabulous body suit to your attention: this baby from Abercrombie. I just got the black one in the mail and love the cut and feel so much, I ordered the red. HIGHLY recommend as another simple yet sexy addition to your summer line-up if you’re in the market for that (and even if you’re not).

In case things got cold on the plane or hotel (which they did), I brought along my trusty army jacket from Madewell. It really is such a killer layering piece to have in your closet and travels so well. I love the amount of pockets it offers so much. They come in handy (pun intended).

Of course, I had to bring a swimsuit in case the Golden girls fancied a lazy day by the pool (spoiler alert: we didn’t.). This is my absolute favorite bikini I’ve ever owned. I just find it so flattering, especially because the legs are high-cut which do wonders for shorter legs, IMO. I have it in red, black, and olive green #efficient.

I also kept it simple with jewelry I brought along, sticking to my absolute favorite hoops (an investment item) and my new E necklace from She Just Knows.

My dop kit is something my friends gave me for my 30th birthday, and I never travel without it. I absolutely love the brand (Herschel), and the kit itself can fit SO much. So much room for activities! There are a ton of color options, so choose wisely.

And speaking of bags, while I brought my Target (of course) summertime favorite, I also packed my smaller crossbody from Madewell because you always need a crossbody when you travel. This one is the perfect size for your phone, lipstick, a tampon or two, and maybe a nail clipper if you’re anything like me and plagued by random hang nails.

I only own and wear one pair of sunglasses and it’s these circular aviators by Ray-Ban. I will admit, this is my second pair. I left my original pair in Portland back in the fall and am still not over it, but maybe they’re better off there. Living in the mountains. Maybe they were found by some cute ass mountain man. I hope so.

Another wonderful thing about summer: the lightness of the shoes. I brought my Golden Goose sneakers because I don’t go anywhere without them anymore, but I also packed my favorite adidas slides (LITERALLY THE MOST COMFORTABLE SLIDE EVER) and a cute Target sandal just in case I wanted to get a bit fancier with it.

I had BIG PLANS to work out Friday morning at the hotel/casino/homeless shelter/what I imagine hell to be like. Alas, I had one 32oz vodka soda too many, and the only lifting I could manage was an everything bagel to my mouth. BUT, I came prepared with my favorite sports bra, tank top, and shorts JUST. IN. CASE.

The perfume I use is an almost exact dupe of Santal 33 by Le Labo (seriously. Every time I wear it, someone asks if I’m wearing Santal) for a fraction of the cost. It also only comes in 1.7 fl. oz. so it’s easy to travel with, and I do. HIGHLY recommend buying a bottle for yourself, even without smelling it. It’s that good and smells great on everyone. It’s somehow fresh, clean, and musky all in one.

Last but obviously NOT AT ALL least is the sequin duster. Y’all. I bought this on a total whim off AMAZON, hadn’t worn it yet, and realized “Well. Vegas would probably be the absolute best place to rock this, no?” And so I did. I’m very happy I got it and kept it — I have a feeling it’ll make several more appearances throughout my career and is definitely a piece I will keep for my future daughters to place dress up with. 100%.

I don’t really see the point in this post now that I’ve done it. But I guess I’m not giving myself enough credit for packing pretty well for such a short, warm weather trip? I don’t know. Regardless, you can browse anything I mentioned by clicking directly on the picture of it under its description or on this collage.

Until next time…