Moving On Up (vol. 3)

I’ve officially been in my place for a month and lemme tell ya — it feels great. In volume 1 of my Moving On Up series, I talked about why and how I moved, in volume 2 I discussed the unpacking process and shared some items that I had bought so far for my home, and today, we’re gonna talk about the emotional/mental side of being in a new space + MORE HOME STUFF I’VE BOUGHT!

I posted this the other week to Instagram in an effort to find some sort of reassurance about how I was feeling:

I wrestled a bit with sharing my thoughts because I never want to come off as ungrateful or weirdly anxious, but then I reminded myself what I always preach: You’re never alone in even your weirdest, most dramatic, seemingly unreasonable thoughts and feelings, so I went ahead and shared it. The thing is, I’m not awesome with change. I’m sure I’m more awesome than some, but I often react to it with way more anxiety than excitement. As much as I was ready to get out of my old place and neighborhood, it was a home in which I had grown comfortable. It had a lot of pitfalls, but after 5.5 years, I had accepted those pitfalls and grown used to them. The memories I made in those four walls were a healthy mix of good and bad, and even walking away from the really bad ones is weird. I had also grown use to the surrounding area, the driving routes I had driven down hundreds of times, knowing the distance to everything around me, etc. Like I said, I was comfortable and while I know that the magic doesn’t happen until you step outside of your comfort zone (or whatever that inspirational poster says), it’s not easy to do.

My old place, albeit old and run down and kinda smelly, was lived in. I’m the first person to live in my new place since its renovation and everything is just so new. And the newness is overwhelming. There’s a self-instilled pressure to not mess anything up, keep it all pristine, make the best, most exciting memories, host the best get togethers. IT’S ALL JUST SO MUCH.

HOWEVER, I will say that since getting my couch situated, things are starting to feel more comfortable (literally and figuratively). This past weekend, I spent all of Saturday (from dawn til dusk) at home, on my couch, and it. was. BRILLIANT. And it made me realize, hey! I have yet to share more home things on my blog, and the time has come to do so.

Y’all know I’ve been making a stink about these Target rugs for WEEKS. First came the runner (which, as I write this, is STILL on sale) then came my bedroom rug that is literally so beautiful in person and feels like you’re walking on a cloud.

I also have to give a shoutout to my living room rug that I got this number off the super not sketchy at all name My sister, the decorating guru, has purchased all her rugs off this site, so regardless of the stupid name, I knew the rug would be legit — and it was!

All their rugs are one of a kind, so this specific one is no longer available, HOWEVER all you have to do is search the Moroccan rugs in the size you want, and I assure you you’ll find something you love. Also, shipping and delivery is seamless. No complaints here. It’s a great company.

I talked about my couch in my last post, but now that it’s actually here and styled, I figured it deserves a revisit. I got the Lounge II 93” sofa from Crate and Barrel, and it is a perfect couch. My sister had it before she upgraded to the larger size, so I had slept, lounged, cried, laughed, what have you on it before and knew it was a great investment. I got the color Cement, and I also went ahead and got the accompanying ottoman for a) storage and b) maximum horizontal comfort.


The best part, though, are the pillows my sister surprised me with for said couch. As you guys have already seen from my documentation of her visit a few weeks ago, she truly has the eye for design. She found these gorgeous pillow cases off a website called Due East, and don’t say I didn’t warn you because I want everything from them. As I write this, these exact cases are sold out (obviously, because my sister only chooses the best), but who knows if they’ll restock! Hold out hope.

Now, to all the art prints my incredible sister brought along with her during her visit to Dallas to set up my new home (yes — she literally made a special trip home just to help me get my place in order because, ONCE AGAIN — she’s the best). I trust my sister more than anyone and she knew the exact vibe I was going for, so I had no part in picking out any art to hang on walls — the woman did it all (except for the Michael Scott piece. That was all me). Here is a gallery of some of the pieces she brought into my home plus a few that I LOVE (all from Society6):

Last but not least, moving into a new place meant changing up my towel game. I’d had the same towels for so long, and it was just time. This led me to discovering the Nate Berkus towels from Target. My god, are they soft. I got a couple bath sheets (not towels. Towels are for the birds), and this really thick, sturdy, pretty bathmat. Then I did something really crazy — I let my sister talk me into not needing matching hand towels and switching it up. What? No matching? I was so confused. My entire life, all I’ve ever known is matching towel sets. When she handed me these beauties, I felt ALIVE. I now have one in my bathroom and one in my guest bath, and I’d be lying if I said just seeing them didn’t make me happy.

So guys, you’re now all caught up. I’ve shared everything about my new place and all the money I’ve spent on it so far (help me). I hope this miniseries has entertained and inspired you! Of course, whenever I add something to my home worth blogging about, you’ll be the first to know. Thank you guys for coming along for the emotional journey that is moving.