The Best Labor Day Sales

Well guys. It’s official. I’m off of my clothing spending freeze. I did SO well for half of June, all of July, and half of August, but fall is in the air and the temptation to start shopping for the new (and best) season is too strong. I can’t fight it — it has won.

HOWEVER, I’m still making sure to only buy things I LOVE, feel amazing in, and preferably don’t mimic something I already own. Smart shopping is where it’s at, IMO.

Now, I’ll admit — the original idea for this post was to share all the best Labor Day sales, but upon learning that Abercrombie & Fitch is ALL 50% off throughout the long weekend, this post pivoted. We all know A&F have been KILLING it ever since they grew up and started taking themselves seriously and probably putting a higher percentage of their paycheck into their 401K and getting to bed before 11pm, and their fall offerings are already making me feel panicked because I WANT EVERYTHING. PLEASE.

Real quick though, here are honorable Labor Day sale mentions:

Madewell isn’t necessarily having a sale sale, but did y’all know that you can bring in ANY pair of ANY brand of old jeans and they will give you $30 toward a new pair of Madewell jeans? Yes, ANY brand. It’s something to think about.

I don’t own anything just yet from Good American, but I fully plan on it. I hate the Kardashians, but I can’t deny that Khloe has a good thing going with this clothing line. Especially the dresses. I have a feeling they’re really good. Also, I am INTO these bodysuits in a big way. And all sale items are up to 70% off this weekend PLUS an extra 25% on select items.

A little, fashion-forward bird told me that these exact jeans from Old Navy are incredible and true to size, and I trust her blindly. Thusly, they’re in my cart as you read this. Almost every jean, tee, and dress is 50% off for Labor Day, so check out this sweater and this Madewell-knock off jacket while you’re at it.

Okay and now to the main event: EVERYTHING I WANT FROM ABERCROMBIE. Honestly, I kept my picks short as to not overwhelm. These are highlights, but the rest is up to you. Celebrate the new season by TREA👏🏼TING👏🏼 YOUR👏🏼SELF👏🏼.