Into It/Over It, Vol. 1

For a while now, I've been hitting y'all in the face with volumes of things I'm into at the moment. While that's been a pleasure for me (because who doesn't love pushing their thoughts and opinions on anyone willing to read them?), it hit me recently that perhaps this particular series is in need of a shake up. Ya know — instead of spouting off the X number of things I'm into, why not also discuss things I'm over? Like a hot or not. Or so in/so out. Or, better yet, a master volume of both Into Its and I Can'ts mashed into one, unstoppable post?! Yeah. That.

Into It: Baby wipes

Baby wipes for fucking ever, y'all. Don't scoff. Don't pretend you don't know exactly what I'm talking about. Why isn't the necessity of baby wipes within your toiletry collection spoken about in a more open manner? I have them. You have them. We all have them and if you don't, why not? What could your reason possibly be? They're helpful, they're gentle, and by god, they're helpful. We don't have to get into the details, but can we all just agree they are a crucial element in one's bathroom and when you run out, Panic At the Mother Fucking Disco? Baby wipes: God's gift to butt holes the world over.

Over It: Roller ball perfume

I'm sorry but as convenient as these little fuckers can be for travel, they do nothing for you. Every girl knows that you're not really putting perfume on unless you spray it directly onto your clothing and once (or twice) into the air in front of you to "walk through." Rolling it directly on one's forearms and neck is like yeah, I know it's there but no one else will unless it's directly on my clothes, too. So. Fuck that.

Into It: Fresh flowers every week

Goddamn is it girly, but buying yourself fresh flowers every week to display in your home is one of the loveliest things you can do for you. ESPECIALLY since Peonies are in-season and at Trader Joe's right now. I'm pretty horrible at choosing arrangements or arranging the arrangements I've chosen, but it's the vibrancy of the flowers and thought that counts, ya know? 

Over it: Dust in my apartment

I live in an old place. Like, old. I know it's seen some life and doesn't have the best insulation when it comes to letting heat in, keeping things cold, or ensuring dust build-up is minimal, but is that just me? To people also living in older places: is your dust situation hopeless? Does it just live with you like a roommate, following you from room to room with literally zero self-awareness re: personal space? No matter how often I swifter or wipe shit down or vacuum — DUST. Like WHY. WHY IS THIS A THING. IS MY PLACE THAT BIG OF A SHIT HOLE THAT THE DUST IS SO UNCONTAINABLE? IT'S THE WORST.

Into it: Diffusers

Speaking of my place being old, the windows don't open. They're sealed shut. Sealed. Shut. Every single one of them. Therefore, not only does my place get dusty but also musty (the joys of paying well below market rate). To combat this I of course utilize tons of candles and my newly-installed screen door (when it's not 100º outside), but I added a new weapon to my scented artillery in the form of a delightful aromatherapy diffuser. It's been a life-saver in terms of freshening things up around here. Sure, it doesn't fill up the entire house with lemongrass, orange, and eucalyptus (my fav combo), but if left on the duration of the workday, it definitely hits you in the nostrils as you walk inside my home and that's enough for me.

Over it: Everything dying and needing to be charged

If it's not your phone, it's your laptop. If your laptop and phone are good, your FitBit is blinking death at you. If all those are juiced up, your headphones die mid-way through your workout and all hope is lost forever. I equate something always needing to be charged to how you never seem to run out of shampoo and conditioner at the same time. It's always one before the other. It fucks up your entire rhythm. The worst is getting all settled in (you know — on your couch, blanket on, laptop on lap, dog curled up next to you) before realizing your computer is near death and the charger is 300 miles away in your bedroom. Call me privileged, but I'M ALLOWED TO BE PUT OUT BY HAVING TO MOVE ONCE I'M PERFECTLY SITUATED. It's unbearably inconvenient.

Into it: The Nordstrom Anniversary sale

V V INTO IT. The selection isn't over-the-top mind-blowing this year, but boy do they have some essential basics any closet could use. My polar opposite in looks and good friend, Fashion Jackson, is on it and has pulled some of the best pieces for all of us to gawk at and eagerly wait to buy come July 21. Check out her picks 'cause, I'm telling you from firsthand experience (i.e. Closet Cleanout 2k17), this girl doesn't steer anyone wrong when it comes to fashion.

Over it: Bagged lettuce

Can we all just agree bagged lettuce is foul as fuck? Like, I know we all do it because it's way easier than buying your own head of lettuce and tearing it up and washing it and spinning it and storing it, but OMG PACKAGED LOOSE GREENS ARE SO NASTY. I don't care what the expiration date claims, that shit is bad after a day. So, to recap — you get one decent salad out of bagged lettuce and then a few more desperate, sad salads with half-wet red leaves. Sickening.

Into it: RuzA Rosé

Although this Instagram-worthy AF can of rosé is 12.5% ABV and got me and Whitney surprise drunk while we sipped on it in Austin last weekend, IT'S SO GOOD. I got the 3-pack in last month's WINC box (it's the best wine of the month club around) and saved it for the perfect occasion, if I do say so myself. You've gotta try it. Just... be careful.

OVER IT: Gladiator/flat, strappy sandals

I don't know what happened, but a shoe style that I once swore by and had too many of has been lost on me this season. I am just OVER IT, y'all. Maybe it was turning 30, but any time I've gone to "throw on" a pair of flat gladiators or anything like it, I automatically feel squatty, unstylish, and like a 20something who's looking for a cheap meal and a vodka soda. Perhaps it's a phase and I'll fall back in love next year, but as for now, O👏🏻VER👏🏻IT👏🏻. Slides are where it's at. 

So, what do we think? Does Into It/Over It have legs for more volumes? Let's make this decision together. P.P.S. If you haven't signed up for my Friday newsletter yet, now's the time! A little treat in yo inbox every Friday around lunchtime. What's not to love?


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