Into It, Vol. 8

I can't believe this is only my 8th installment of "Into It." That doesn't seem right. I feel like I've pushed way more than eight volumes of things I'm into on you guys. Am I wrong? Regardless, here we are and do I have a bevy of things to share with y'all today!


It doesn't happen often, but sometimes those random Instagram advertisements get me to click. I'm talking about the ones you have no idea why or where they came from, but Zuckerberg's algorithm is on point because wow this is product that actually speaks to me and how did Instagram know? That happened in the form of tiny gold hoops for me a few weeks ago, and I was immediately intrigued. I had never thought about a teeny tiny gold hoop for my double-pierce in place of a stud. Why? I don't know. I just hadn't. But my world and lobes have been opened and look so much cooler now. I got this specific teeny gold hoop off of Etsy in a 6mm and love it. Honestly, I could've gone with the 5mm and might purchase again but either way — SO CUTE, RIGHT? (Please ignore my: grey hairs, baby neck hairs, and basically all my hairs). It's a fun alternative for the run-down studs you've been rocking forever. Consider it.


I love candles. Call me basic, call me unoriginal, or call me Al, but I love candles like Oprah loves bread (and I also LOVE bread). Nothing gets me quite as titillated as finding a new candle with a scent I want to drown in. My two current candle obsession are on opposite ends of the spectrum price and locale-wise, but on the same playing field orgasmic smell-wise. 

First, we have Target's Vanilla and Rosewood candle that first caught my attention with its #ONBRAND container. Blush and white? I was instantly intrigued. Then I smelled it and O.M.G. Please don't let the vanilla throw you, because I'm not typically drawn to that basic ass scent either. However, the vanilla combined with whatever the fuck Rosewood is = one of the most delicious, calming, romantic yet subtle smells I've ever smelled. It's smaller, so I would categorize this candle as a "bedroom candle" (you know, one that sits intimately on your dresser or desk). Light that shit up an hour before bedtime (so like 7pmish?) and let the saucy minx that is Rosewood seduce you to sleep.

The other candle I'm actively trying not to burn every single night for fear of it being gone too quickly is this beaut from West Elm

Let me just copy and paste the list of ingredients that comprise this "Smoked Tonka" scent so you have an idea of what we're working with: Green, spice, cardamom, nutmeg, dark coffee, oriental amber, smoked woods, patchouli, olibanum, coumarin, vanilla bourbon, vetiver, black tar complex, leather, cashmere. Now, I don't know WTF "green" is, but I know just about all the others and let me tell you — THE SCENT COMBINATION IS AS ORGASMIC AS IT READS. Like. I can't even describe the perfection of this candle. I got it in the smaller size, set it on my coffee table and, within 20 minutes, my entire home smelled like an amber-colored cashmere sweater out in the woods wearing nothing but Patchouli and a leather handbag while holding a coffee and... green. It's just tops PLUS the cement container is obviously great on its own and can (and will) 100% be repurposed once your amazing candle is burned down (so in about a week for me). 

INTO IT: Chocolate PEANUT BUTTER Banana Morning Shakes

I wrote about this last week in my newsletter (have you subscribed to that, by the way? You should), but feel strongly enough about my new creation to write about it here. For a long time, I've been making myself regular ol' peanut butter banana protein shakes with regular ol' almond milk in the morning post-workout. They've been tasty and gotten the job done. However, in another miss for Emma, I had no idea chocolate almond milk was a thing. Upon discovering this, my world's been turned upside down. I proceeded to purchase a carton, order my favorite vegan protein powder in chocolate (I can't do whey protein — tears my stomach UP), load up on my PB2 (if you don't know what PB2 is, you need to. It's perfect for shakes and a quarter of the calories as real PB (only for shakes, though. On bread or celery, it's trash)), grab a bundle of bananas and GOT TO WERK. Mornings are now chocolatier and therefore better.


For the record, I tried this trend a few years ago when I ordered an OVERLY oversized jean jacket from ASOS. That jacket is long gone now and probably being worn by someone way cooler than me that found it at our local Buffalo Exchange, so good for them. With the resurgence of jean jacket love, I'm getting a second chance at nailing the oversized look and I think I did it with this $70 find by BP at Nordstrom. I haven't worn something BP in years because my body is too mature for it (that's how I like to explain it), so I was surprised when I picked this up the other week, tried it on, and loved it. With fall, my go-to for everything is a jean jacket and booties. New dress? Jean jacket and booties. Black denim? Jean jacket and booties. Midi skirt? Jean jacket and booties. Jean jackets (and booties) go with just about everything and finding this one for well under $100 is a steal in my book. I got a small and think it's the perfect harmony of well-fitting but slightly oversized. You can always trust a girl with no mascara in a good jean jacket, which brings me to my next point...


Yes, you read that right. I am into not wearing mascara right now and haven't been for some time. Don't me wrong — I lather it on for events such as romantic dinners with friends, dinner dates with my parents, and other dinners. But it's become more common for me lately to not wear it, especially not at work. Call me cray cray, but I really like the freshness that comes with doing your entire face (eyebrows first and foremost, always) but leaving your lashes bare. It creates a natural look that says "I'm honestly this pretty without mascara, but also I have every other piece of makeup on my face to make up for the lack thereof so maybe I'm not actually this pretty after all." 

Into it: Glutino Pretzels

I'm not gluten-free. In a way, I wish I was because I know there's next to no nutritional upsides to gluten. Alas, dreams are dreams. However, my favorite pretzels for a while now have been Glutino. The sticks, the twists. Whichever shape you prefer, Glutino's are so fucking good. They're extra crunchy, which is fantastic for my oral fixation, and taste good with whatever you dip them in or on their own. Also, Glutino has a shit load of other gluten-free product that I'm sure isn't half bad. So, in short: Glutino.

Into it: everlane everything

This isn't new news, but I just feel so strongly about Everlane as a clothing line that I need to gush about it. It's just perfect. Every piece. Sometimes, I log into their website and yell "OH MY GOD" because I want one of everything right now and that's an impossibility. It's just reasonably priced, high-quality, perfect basics with splashes of fun non-basics that are still somehow basic enough to wear forever. Plus, they just rolled out their own denim line which I'm sure is stellar. Currently, I'm stalking/coveting a few items right now, just waiting for the right time to pounce (i.e. for my next paycheck). Namely this new ribbed number, this amazing mock neck chic AF sweater shirt, and THIS CAUSE #ONBRAND AF.  So, if you were wondering what to get me for Chrismukkah...


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