Into It, Vol. 9

Is this really only my 9th volume of Into It?! That blows my mind. I feel like I'm constantly telling you guys what I'm into, but I guess that's all on Instagram and is short-lived. Regardless, I felt it was due time for a new list of things I'm currently watching, reading, wearing, eating, or just have general strong emotions about that I need to share with a bunch of strangers before I implode (because #extrovert).

INTO IT: Parking farther away than necessary to avoid becoming homicidal

Listen. I never thought I'd see this day, y'all. I really didn't. As a child, when my mom would park anywhere but AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the entrance of wherever we were going, I would rage. I couldn't understand or see the point in not jockeying for the absolute primo of primo spots. "It's exercise!" she'd chirp as I would go full metal brat on her. So the fact that, at 30, I'm gladly parking wherever is huge. Everyone talks about how so much changes when you turn 30 (e.g. your breast placement, metabolism, and amount of fucks you give), but no one ever talks about how your stance on parking is one of those changes. I have to say – it's quite liberating. Now, I happily park a good walk's worth away from my destination not only to avoid seriously considering man-slaughter in my effort to find a spot, but also because IT'S EXERCISE!

INTO IT: Kittsona (AKA the best new boutique in Dallas)

For all my non-locals, I'm sorry. I'm sure this segment will be lost on you, but I have to give this new clothing boutique some maje love (P.S. though — they have stores in Austin, Fort Collins, Grand Forks, Minneapolis, Charleston, Bismarck, and Fargo (???)). My new blogger friend, Matti, tipped me off to their wonder the other week, so I had to go in this past weekend and check it out for myself and was NOT disappointed. It has it all, you guys: gifts, home goods, baby stuff, pet stuff, beauty things, jewelry and, most importantly, insanely well-priced clothing. I got this jacket and a fantastic button down for 42 bones:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 2.14.31 PM.png

I tried to keep my chill while I was shopping there on Saturday but wasn't successful. I'm positive the employees talked about that weird, eccentric, racially ambiguous girl who talked to herself or into her phone the entire time as soon as I left, but oh well. I WAS EXCITED, OKAY? If you live in the Dallas area and can get over there soon, do it. They truly have the best little trinkets and gifts for everyone, but just be warned that you probably won't leave without treating yourself. If you do, you may have done it wrong.


We haven't discussed this show yet, and we need to. Have you watched it? Are you watching it? Have you heard about it and it's on your list to watch (i.e. every show ever for me)? Typically, I ain't into western anything (ex: I despise country music). However, this show is real good. Not only is it centered around an all-female town (the men all die in a mining accident), but the main outlaw is FINE AS HELL, Jeff Daniels is a superb asshole (although I can never not see Harry when I look at him), and you know that little boy from Love Actually? Well, he's in it, has a southern accent, and is also FINE AS HELL.


INTO IT: Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio

I don't even know where to start with this one. I wrote about her briefly in last week's newsletter (have you signed up for that yet? You should), but a little blurb does not do my intense, borderline obsessive love for her justice. This woman is absolutely incredible. A photographer by trade, Jamie left her seemingly cush life in New York City to spend a year in Provence, France "making photographs," as she puts it. Because that's what all her pictures are — photographs, not paintings. I know it's hard to believe once you see them, but it's true.

I remember following Jamie years ago, when Instagram was a brand new foreign tool. I'm not sure how I even came across her profile, but am so glad I did. She is an absolute inspiration: 33, single, living alone in a foreign place, and creating something new every. single. day. Her Instagram stories are a daily can't-miss event for me. Because she's creating a new picture to shoot daily, she starts early in the morning gathering her photo materials and takes you with her on the journey from start to finish. It's very intimate - like you're there with her - and it's absolutely mesmerizing. I get lost in her Instagram posts and blog, and I think that's the first time I've ever said that about anyone. I'm completely taken by her: her sense of self, her newfound independence, her ambition, her mind — all of it. She has bewitched me, body and soul. OMG. Am I in love? 


With two back-to-back cold-weather trips this December, I decided I might need to invest in a pair of appropriate footwear instead of relying on my usual, everyday booties. A quick search on the only necessary website to mankind (Amazon) led me to these $38 beauties:

They're TTS, comfy as can be, and just as cute in person. I'm actually pretty sad I won't have much use for them past my trips this December, but a girl can dream of a sudden, uncharacteristic snow day in Dallas, right? RIGHT? I mean, anything is possible with global warming (which is a very sad but very true statement).


If you watch my Instagram stories, you're well aware of what shower shelves are 😉 If you don't or you do but must've missed this particularly involved saga, allow me to gush about my new favorite home decor venture: Command shelves for your shower. 

If it only took $16 to change your life, would you pay the fee? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW MUCH THESE COST AND THEY'VE CHANGED MINE. Suddenly, my older rental home is elevated. I feel rich — like I've finally made it. And all because my shower feels more organized, bigger, and is so much more aesthetically pleasing. Since this picture, I've added one more shelf (because odd numbers always seem to look better) and my life has only gotten richer. They're handy little buggers, so if you're looking for a cheap, temporary way to give your bathroom some UMPH — this is it.


Supposedly this lipstick has been the talk of the town for a while now, and I'm super late to the game. I wrote about it in my OOTD Roundup last Friday, but felt it deserved a bit more attention. This color is so popular and sought-out, that my in-the-know coworker saw it on me last week, and immediately inquired: "Pillow Talk?"

It is bar none my new favorite lipstick, and the most perfect pink/nude shade. I was high on Velvet Teddy by MAC since it was my first proverbial toe-dip into the nude arena, but this smokes it. It's a natural, subtle, gorgeous color that I truly feel needs no trial-run and would most very likely look good on anyone (evidence: I had Whitney try it on this weekend, and it looked perfect with her fair skin and blue eyes. Ask her). I mean, any lipstick that an finally convince me to try my hand at lip liner is a magical thing, and that's what this one did. The accompanying lip liner (also called "Pillow Talk) works not just with its own kind, but with most any lipstick shade. 


Last week for my YouTube Q&A, a follower asked me what my desert Island book would be and it brought back so many feels and emotions as I answered her question. Watch the somewhat uncomfortable but ultimately endearing moment below, and just know that the book is called Why Girls Are Weird and is my absolute favorite book of all time. I talk in the video about my connection to the author and how I ended up doing an exchange of goods with her, and it was one of the coolest moments in my life. I can't suggest this book strongly enough. Pamela is an incredibly talented female voice who has a keen knack of capturing the ups, downs, and in-betweens of falling in love, staying there, then falling out. It's a book that helped me through some dramatic moments in my life and made me laugh in spite of most of my days being spent sobbing in my dorm room over some stupid boy.

INTO IT: Beef and Broccoli in the Crockpot

Man, what did we do to deserve Crockpots? Oh, I know — complain very loudly for a very long time about how even the most minimal effort in the kitchen was exhaustive. Enter: THE CROCKPOT. Sunday night, I knew I didn't want to blow another $30+ on dinner out on the town, so I googled "two hour crockpot recipes" and found a delicious one for Chinese-inspired beef and broccoli. It was REAL good y'all. So good, in fact, I added the 'cipe to my 'cipe section for you to check out the next time you're feeling some homemade Asian classics. 


For so long now, we've punished our butt cracks with lace. It's enough already. I'm sure you've grown a bit tired of scrtachy lace up your bum hole as I have, so I wanted to let y'all in on a little secret called GAP's Breathe line thongs:

They are no few favorite substitute to material up my butt. Super soft, so cute, and ONLY $6 RIGHT NOW! So get on it — your butt will thank you and everyone knows a happy butt makes for a happy strut.

Until next time, folks...


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