Into It, Vol. 10

I can't believe a few things.

1) That I haven't put together an "Into It" since December.

2) That this is only my tenth volume. I am perplexed.

If you're new to my blog, my "Into It" segments entail me listing out a random assortment of things (clothes, food, makeup, TV shows, random acts of kindness or bitchiness, articles) that I am currently into. It's my chance to alert you to any new findings that you may or may not be interested in. And, with my 31st birthday on the horizon, I figured now was a better time than ever to let you all in on what this almost-not-just-30-anymore year old is hip to currently. 


I posted about these in a story last week and even plugged them in a newsletter, but in case you missed both, I need to drive the point home that THESE. ARE. INCREDIBLE. My co-worker tipped me off to them, and I couldn't be happier that I actually listened to someone's suggestion for once. The creator of these, Helen, makes them on her own from her house, and they couldn't be a better addition to a smoothie if you tried. Truly, they will change your entire smoothie game. You simply put together your typical smoothie (for me, it's chocolate almond milk, a banana, spinach, a scoop of vegan chocolate protein powder), throw in a Blender Bomb (which looks like a cow turd tbh), blend it up, and VOILA! You have a bulked up, more delicious breakfast or snack. The Bombs come in a variety of flavors, but I got the originals which consist of pecans, dates, local raw honey, flax seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, vanilla seed, almonds, chia seeds, walnuts, and bee pollen. It provides so much extra nutrition without you having to do any of the leg work (read: you can still be a lazy fuck who makes a great smoothie)! 


Every spring/summer, I open my closet and walk in expecting to discover a plethora of cute, easy sundresses that I had totally forgotten about until that very moment. And every spring/summer, I fail to make this a reality for myself. Sure, dresses in 100º heat sometimes are the worst for ladies without thigh gaps or major sweating issues (hi), but I find myself yearning for more dress options every year and never having them. So, I'm trying to help my future self out this year by ordering a SHIT LOAD so I can have my top picks settled in my closet before it's time to wear them. Enter: Abercrombie. I know — it's hard to accept that a place we once visited for 1" inch shorts and tees with massive logos has come full circle in its offerings, but it has. I am digging on their casual dress collection and just ordered several this week to test-run:


Mark my words: BARRY reeks of successful HBO show ingredients similar to Breaking Bad, Sopranos, and 1,000 more. It's Bill Hader in a role we've never seen him in before (unless you saw "The Skeleton Twins," but I didn't so) as an Iraq War vet who's been stripped of his personality and emotions and now makes a living as an unfeeling hitman. That is until he's sent on a job in L.A. and stumbles into an acting class that reignites his fire. So now, the robotic murderer has to find the balance between a job that requires full anonymity and a passion that requires being in the spotlight. The first episode premiered Sunday night, and I'm HOOKED.



I bounce between saying "jeans are hard," "swimsuits are hard," and "shorts are hard," every year, but the shorts situation has gotten worse and worse. With the introduction last year of the up-your-butt-crack-and-into-your-vagina-folds trend, finding a decent pair of shorts that didn't expose your ass or your lower lips has been next to impossible. But this summer, it is my #1 priority to find shorts that aren't the worst. And guys? I think I've found THREE SO FAR. First up are black button-fly shorts by Madewell that I actually got last summer, and I feel very fortunate to own. They're high-waisted, a great length, super comfortable, and pretty true to size (I have a 27, but they stretch some so I could've maybe done the 26). I have and will continue to wear the shit out of them. Next up, I found a wholesome, straight forward pair from GAP the other week and am very pleased with them. They're a darker wash, high-waisted, full coverage, and frayed hem. Also true to size (I got a 27/4). Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST may be the perfect short (it's early in the season, but they say when you know you know). These beauties are by TopShop at Nordstrom and are the perfect length, coverage, and ripped up fun that every girl needs for the summer. The only catch: these shorts sort of operate the way Levi's do in that you can try on six pairs of the same size and they'll each fit a bit differently. For example, I tried on a 4 and couldn't button them so I grabbed a 6, which were massive. So, I grabbed a different 4 and they fit like a glove. Super annoying, but worth the research because they are seriously fantastic.


I've always boasted a very simple makeup routine. However, call it age or boredom, but I'm opening my face up a bit to new possibilities. Nothing major — just some eyeshadow every once in a while and HIGHLIGHTER! It's my first time using this glowy bitch, and I'm really enjoying the results so far. I went with NARS' highlighter in "Hot Sand" and love the shade, but am open to suggestions you swear by! 


My dad sent this to me the other week and would you believe I actually read through the entire thing? It's long, but constructed so well that it doesn't feel that long (that's what she said?) and SO, SO informative. My God. It really does answer almost every question the everyday person probably has about diet, exercise, paleo, greens, red meat, eggs, red wine, gluten, protein intake, lactose intolerance, etc. It's like the ultimate guide to all of that, and I suggest anyone who's even mildly interested in all that stuff gives it a good read. 


Olivia is a beauty editor for, and I love her. That's really as simple as it gets. I first discovered her years ago via a brilliant article she wrote titled "What I Instagrammed Vs. What's Really Happening (Or: My Entire Life Is A Lie)," and fell hard for her penchant to tell it like it is and expose the silly truth we all live by on the daily. Her writing and attitude have only gotten better and better over the years and following her is a very bright spot in my day. She lives in New York in a tiny but ADORABLE apartment with her boyfriend and amazing dog, Winnie, and she creates engaging, hilarious, entertaining content on the daily (especially if you're into beauty and skincare. She pieces together hilarious yet informative Instagram stories about both things all the time). She's upped her game even more so the past few months, and I can honestly say she's a blogger/writer I adore and look forward to reading when she gifts us with a new post. Follow her — she's great.


No, but really. Have you ever tried it? Because it blows a shower-wine or shower-beer out of the perfectly hot but not scalding water. I did it this morning and almost wept tears of joy. In fact, maybe I did but couldn't decipher between them and the shower water? Either way, make yourself a cup of coffee one extra groggy morning and bring it into the shower with you and tell me it isn't the loveliest thing you've done for yourself in a while.


Here's the damn deal: I don't like to workout in tank tops often because of the KP on my arms, and v-necks are tricky on cardio or plyometrics day because of my damn titties. Therefore, I am very into the crewneck workout shirt WHICH ARE VERY HARD TO FIND, GUYS. They're not the popular choice, so I've been on a mad hunt to find one I can buy in every color and I DID IT. These shirts at Target by C9 are fantastic and AND! They look eerily similar to their expensive cousin at lululemon, but are only $20 so SUCK ON THAT, LULU. But seriously — these are great and I take a small in case you wanted to know.


David Chang is the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group and creator of the new Netflix series "Ugly Delicious." Imagine Anthony Bourdain only even more approachable, more cussing, more cameos, and more fun animated graphics and shorts in-between restaurant visits. And the episode categories are simply perfect: Pizza, Tacos, Home Cooking, Shrimp & Crawfish, BBQ, Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, and Stuffed. Aziz makes an appearance in the pizza one because OF COURSE, and it's all just so entertaining and will make you FUCKING STARVING so be sure you eat beforehand or during or have something on deck for afterwards. Actually, maybe all three.

That's it for this week, guys. Are YOU into any of these things? What ARE you into? Drop a comment and enlighten us all.