OOTD Roundup, Vol. 8

No apparel category was safe this week. I sported PJs, athleisure, shoes, and sweaters because I don't discriminate when it comes to OOTDs.


Saturday was perfect. I went to brunch with friends for 7 hours, came home drunk, ordered pizza, put on these freaking adorable flannel PJ bottoms, and proceeded to binge "Stranger Things" season 2. I know I'm 30 and I know they're Christmas cacti, but LET ME HAVE THIS. They're $17, so comfortable, and perfect for Saturday binges in both TV and food form. Old Navy typically runs big, so I grabbed these in a small, and they still have room to grow into (which I'll need. See: pizza binging).


I'm not gonna go on about this hoody sweatshirt because I think I've done quite enough of that via my other social media feeds. HOWEVER, it's still amazing, can still fit your small dog underneath it, and it's still on sale (40% off with code FRIEND until Sunday!). Grab it while it's hot so you can wear it while it's cold (#copywriter).



IDK why, but every time I do a layered denim jacket + button down look, I feel like I belong in the Pacific Northwest, driving a Subaru, and taking my kiddos to school (this is my actual dream, though). In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a layered look, and this one is casual, it's cute, it's popular to boot! Plus, this outfit gave me a prime opportunity to sport my FUCK shoes around town, which I did with pride. There are a lot of components to this look, so imma let you explore them at your leisure below.

Shirt // Jacket // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Sunnies // Lipstick in "Rebel"


How long has chenille been a thing? I'm pretty up on fashion, and I feel like this season is the first I'm seeing of it in such a high volume. But I'm not complaining because this fabric is everything. It's cozy, soft, and its range knows no bounds in terms of fits and silhouettes. I'm very in love with this particular sweater, and the good news is it comes in two other colors besides this deep grey. I got it in a Medium because BP usually runs a bit small, and it fits great (as pictured).

Jeans // Earrings // Lipstick in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

IMG_4877 (1).JPG

More like cut out CUTIES. I love these things so much. I know, I know — they're pretty much sold out and I'm sorry. I really am. I'm pretty upset about it, because I wish everyone could own a pair. In fact, I wish *I* could buy a pair for everyone in the world. I've looked all over the internet and Nordstrom Rack is our only hope, y'all. I'll stay on top of them and if they ever pop up anywhere else, I'll alert you about it via 20 separate Instagram stories.


I am wearing the shit out of these $20 LOFT tees and probably need to pull back so I don't ruin them a month into owning them. It comes in this gorgeous olive color and an #onbrand blush tone (which I also own), and both are just fantastic throw-ons. They're super casual but make you look real pulled together, real fast. They're also this great material that's somewhere between a sweater and a tshirt. Into it. Love it. Want more colors ASAP.



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