OOTD Roundup, Vol. 2

Last week, I introduced this new segment. I didn't really get any feedback on it, but in this industry (blogging?), no feedback is good feedback so here's volume 2 of OOTD Round Up!


What's that, you say? It may be September but it's still 86º-90º? I DON'T CARE. This look on Tuesday was a blatant FUCK YOU to summer. I'm done with it. This was one of the sweatier summers I've had, and I just can't sweat anymore. But I CAN sweater. This one I'm wearing is a Zara Basic from last year, and I couldn't find it anywhere on their site. Womp. However, I did find a pretty similar lookalike from H&M and it's inexpensive AF! The jeans are one of my favorite and most comfortable pairs by Blank NYC (AND ON MAJOR SALE!), the mules are my go-to nudes by Franco Sarto at DSW, and the earrings are the most underrated pair ever from Madewell and I wear them constantly. 


Okay so, we need to talk about this shirt. It's this exact top from Nordstrom, in white. It's an amazing white button down: light as air, great shape, and very versatile. The available sizes are down to the bare minimum online, so if you want to check your local Nordstrom IRL, do so. If not, I found a few alternatives: here and here. The skirt is still a clutch Target find, $23, and speaks for itself (I took a 6 if that helps anyone). I love these mules so, SO much. Seriously, they are so insanely comfortable it's weird. I'll be wearing them until it drops below 70º — mark my mules. As for the belt, it's like the poorest man's pass at the coveted Gucci belt that's everywhere right now. And by "poorest man's," I mean it's vintage AF and was passed down to me from Ellen herself. Alas! I found some fun alternatives with this belt and this belt! See, y'all? Emma's got you covered.


Are bandanas still a thing? God, I hope so because I fucking love them. I also fucking love stripes. However, I don't love that I got both this dress AND the bandana from... FOREVER21. I know, y'all. I know. But can't a 30-year-old woman who is often mistaken for an 18-year-old college kid still browse in there every once in a blue moon? I really love this dress; it's a great throw-on and looks SO cute with a jean jacket and booties when fall decides to stay for a while. I found a few of its sisters in case you want options: this guy and this guy. And the bandana is a super fun color — like if peach and pink were to get naked, make sweet sweet love and get pregnant out of wedlock, this bandana would be that baby's color. The Nikes I've been living in, and the Ray-Bans are a total splurge that I am so happy I treated myself to because DAYUM THEY 🔥. Lastly, the pink lipstick I have on was my first ever pink lipstick and still my tried-and-true go-to. It's Speak Louder by MAC, and what I would describe as a "carnation pink," if you will. And you will.

Thanks for tuning in, y'all! Come back next week for more retail temptation you most definitely probably don't need but love to browse anyway.


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