OOTD Roundup, Vol. 3

Tag team, back again. Check it to wreck it, and let's begin.


I had the distinct honor this past weekend of being in the presence of not one, but two fluffs. That white guy is Fashion Jackson's son who hung out with me and Cece all last weekend. It was okay, but I'm not sure he's the best influence on Cece. He likes to PARTY, and I came home to them pretty wasted a few nights. Anyway, the point is, I love workout gear. However, ignoring my Ray-Bans, I can only really afford GAP's athleisure with the occasional sprinkling of lululemon (typically in the form of a headband or pair of socks). The black tee and pants are both GAP and both the best. Their breathe tees and tanks are my favorite for working out, and the pants have a pocket for your phone THANK GOD (all workout bottoms should have that no matter what, IMHO). The kicks are Nike and probably the most comfortable sneaker I've ever owned, for sure. My sports bra is Target's C9 line, which I dig and the headphones. Oh my God, the headphones. If you're in the market for bluetooth buds, these are it. For $22, these are a fucking steal, y'all. They NEVER fall out (even while doing Satan's exercise: the burpee) and are truly noise-cancelling. Go for it. You will not be sorry.


Man, there's just something about buttoning button ups all the way. I don't do it every time — only when it feels right. And a MAN in a button up that's buttoned up all the way? STICK A FORK IN ME. But I digress. This black button up I had on earlier this week is old news from LOFT. However, I found suuuuuper similar options via Everlane (duh) and Madewell (duh again). The jeans are also old news from Zara's poor man's line, TRF. However, I sort of love the BLANK NYC jeans I posted last week more anyway, so. I'm sure by now, y'all are sick of seeing these mules, but I'm just being real with how often I wear them. Also, do y'all remember last year when ear jackets were the thing? Well, I still love these and rock them from time to time. I'm not sure they're very cool anymore, but it is what it is. Last but not least, I love my work bag (er, the "Transport Tote") from Madewell very much. I'll probably use it one of these days as a carry-on. Who knows. I'M A WILD CARD.


K so like I TRIED TO MAKE THE OVERSIZED JEAN JACKET THING HAPPEN THREE YEARS AGO AND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Just like FETCH didn't happen. I got one from ASOS, realized it was TOO oversized, and sold it off to Buffalo Exchange. I'm trying again, though cause it's back on trend and you can't keep a Golden Girl down that easily. I seriously love this find from Nordstrom. It's BP, which is real weird because their clothes straight up DON'T fit my mature figure anymore. But I guess an oversized jacket does 🙄. The little rips really sold me, plus the fact that it's the perfect marriage between a jacket and a denim button down. It's 100% true jean jacket material, but something about the cut and length flirt with the denim button down look, which ends up making for a great style. My Seinfeld pin is not included, but the best, and the tee I have on underneath are some of my favorite basics from Everlane (duh). Full disclosure: I got these big ass hoops because they reminded me of Issa Rae, and I love them so much. More than that, though, I wrote all about my obsession with teeny, tiny gold hoops for double, triple, or whatever piercings on my Into It blog earlier this week, so I won't go into it here. Just know that I love the look a lot.


I mean, y'all tell me but I'm PRETTY SURE it is. At the risk of sounding like a true fashion blogger, not only is this diddy $46 a pop, but it comes in SEVEN FUCKING COLORS (nah. Couldn't sound like a fashion blogger if I tried). It's super flattering and super comfortable. I got this gorgeous wine color (and the black) and wore it with an obnoxiously matchy-matchy lip color — Rebel by MAC (which looks good on everyone. Swear). Typically I'm a medium in dresses, but took smalls in these so I guess they run a bit small? Also, the mules are last season by Sam Edelman BUT STILL AVAIL and for a great price. They are comfortable AF and look super tight with jeans (or dresses like this one). And, lastly, the Madewell "stembend" earrings that I've posted 100 times and wear often — clearly.

That'll do it for this week, ladies (and men but I assume no men have reached the end of this post).


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