OOTD Roundup, Vol. 4

Boy do I have a treat for y'all today. This isn't a regular OOTD Roundup, this is a MEGA OOTD Roundup including both last week's and this week's LEWKS. Are you ready? You better be because you're here.

P.S. It's the last day for the Shopbop sale (20% off everything under $500, 25% off everything over $500), so get on that if you can/want to. 


Ok so FULL DISCLOSE: This is a dress by Madewell I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and it is as sold out as it gets. It sucks, I know because it truly is such a good dress. However, I tried my best to find alternatives for anyone interested: here, here, and here. The colorful bandana is a Pendleton I picked up at the outlet during my trip to Portland in June, and it's just the happiest bandana there ever was. Perfect for a pop of color if you can't decide what else to add to your outfit. I've had these Clarks for over 5 years now, and they still hold up. I changed the laces as soon as I got them to make them more fun, and they're some of my favorite fall/winter go-tos. So, there ya have it. I'm a mountain woman, I guess.


Someone call the Travel Chic police because I am ON FIRE! Sorry. That was terrible. But I really felt like a grown ass adult in this ensemble when traveling to Chicago last weekend. The jacket is Madewell and just the best in every way possible. It's the perfect weight for fall/winter layering (not too heavy, but not too nothing), and the hardware on it is just stellar. The pockets, the collar, and how good it looks with rolled or unrolled sleeves makes it all worth it. The jeans are the destructed boyfriend jeans I've only dreamed about — until now. They're TopShop and stretch like a MF, so SIZE DOWN. Even if the smaller size feels tight at first, I PROMISE they'll stretch to where they need to be. And then you'll never want to take them off. The shoes and sunnies I've beaten you over the head with (albeit they're worth a head-beating), but not so much the tee so let me do that now. Everlane. Basic crew tees. They're perfect. I have it in black and white and will probably get the rest of the colors at some point. Also, the carry-on y'all have never seen before. My sister got it for me as a Christmas present last year, and I love it so hard. It's by Bric's, and what they call their "rolling duffle." I can't find the exact make and model anywhere, but really any of their rolling duffles will do IMO. It's just a solid travel bag. End of story.


So here's the deal with this dress: It's very polarizing. That is, you either love it or LOATHE it. My sister is the latter. She's a loather. So when I bought it on a whim in Chicago this past weekend, I debated whether to keep it because of her fiery hatred toward it. But then I put it on with my Nikes, black bucket bag, sunnies, and hoops and was like FUCK YOU, THIS DRESS IS ADORABLE WHEN STYLED CORRECTLY. I seriously dig it. It's so comfortable and such a different pattern and shape for me. I can't wait to wear it with my jean jacket and some booties when the weather cooperates and drops below 80º WHICH HOPEFULLY WILL BE ANY DAY NOW? PLEASE.


First thing's first: IT HAS POCKETS. Now that that's out of the way, I love this midi skirt from GAP. What I DON'T love is that the LIKEtoKNOW.it platform doesn't allow me to link DIRECTLY to the product on GAP, which causes more work for y'all. However, a quick "midi skirt" typed into the search bar once you land on the page oughta do it. This skirt is comfortable as can be AND ON SALE for $48. The tee is the Everlane I mentioned up there, but in white. The belt and earrings are both vintage (one from Ellen and one from my Nana), but I found similar options because I'm SUCH a good friend.


They say it happens when you least expect it, and I did NOT expect falling in love with a sweater. Yet, here we are. Not only is this impossibly soft "Dusty Rose" beauty 40% off, but it's SO COZY. The color is exactly as it appears, and the fit is just glorious. I also saw Leith at Nordstrom (one of my favorite brands, always) rolled this out this week, so you have some options. The jeans are the same as up there ^, and the booties are GAP's Chelsea style from last year (ON SALE, too. So that's tight). The tank top is also GAP (3/4 of my closet is) and I have it in three colors because it's the best material. And, as always lately, I'm wearing my fucking favorite lipstick: Marc Jacobs in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." I think I've worn it every day this week, actually. The color is so good.

THERE YA HAVE IT, FOLKS! All the latest. Also, how are we feeling about the influx of OOTDs? Too much? Not enough? What do you miss seeing from me or are you perfectly content? Any feedback welcome. Just don't make me cry and doubt myself. Thx.


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