OOTD Roundup, Vol. 5

Hello my children. Last week, I gave us all a breather from my OOTD roundups because mama had some regrouping to do. You see, as excited as I am that I'm on the LTK platform now and how much easier it makes it for you to copy me, it started making me feel like not me. I was getting in my own head too much, figuring I had to post an OOTD X amount of times a week, maybe even set up a "real" photoshoot for outfits (which I kinda sorta did and it went horribly wrong and I will never be doing that again. #PORCHPICTURES FOR LIFE). I know it looks like I was being a stereotypical fashion blogger, but that's only because I was acting like a stereotypical fashion blogger. 

The important thing is that I realized it and hated it and nipped it right in the bud. Of course, I'm still going to be sharing OOTDs weekly, but I'm just not going to force it as much. If I like a look I think y'all would like, you will see it. If I like a look I don't think y'all would like, you might still see it. But if I don't like a look and I'm only wearing it or posting it because I think I "need" to, no one will be seeing it except maybe Cece and my sister so she can be like "Yeah no."

So, with all that said, here are some things I wore last week and this week that I love. Take them. Leave them. Taunt them. Tease them. But don't get on Instagram before you text them back. That's all I ask.

Ugh, these slides. They are just so happy? Really, any time I put them on, my mood lifts (even if it's just a little). They aren't exactly blush and they aren't really millennial pink. I'd call them a "rose," if you will. I found them on sale at Jet.com for $59, but they're also at Nordstrom for $65.96 if you can't find your size on ol' Jet. They're just a fun little shoe to throw on when you don't feel like getting creative but want a pop of fun in your outfit. That's what I say.


This shirt. THIS 👏 FUGGIN 👏 SHIRT 👏 I can't say enough good stuff about this glorious top. It's soft. It's flattering. It's color is rich and beautiful (like me). And it's just... cool. I got a small, and don't listen to the reviews online about the arms being too tight? Definitely is not the case at all. I highly recommend this shirt. I plan to wear it next with black jeans and a military jacket. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Jeans // Shoes // Earrings // Lipstick

I saw these on a girl I know via Instagram and was immediately flying through Google like a rabid dog in search of my own pair. Amazon granted me my wish, but I also found them on this other website because Amazon's sizing options are minimal. Either way just fucking get these fucking amazing fuck shoes because they're seriously fucking perfect. 

// Jeans //


THE BAD NEWS: This cardigan has been sold out since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July, and they haven't fully restocked it. It comes back in waves as people* (*idiots) return theirs, so you can always stalk it daily and see what's what. THE GOOD NEWS: I found an almost identical one for less, and it's eerily similar. I've literally been waiting to wear this since I bought it in back in July. It's been taunting me in my closet, whispering sweet nothings about how much fun we'll have together if I just break the rules and wear it on a 95º day. She's a saucy minx, this one. And adorable and comfortable AF. 

Jeans // Tank // Shoes // Earrings // Lipstick


I'm not even sure why I picked up this jacket at Nordstrom. It's not something that would typically catch my eye, I feel. But something about it drew me in, and I'm glad it did cause it is so damn cool. It's only $75, serves as the perfect throw-on to elevate an outfit, and HAS POCKETS. The sleeves also roll up and snap in. It's just a really cool look, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. I even love how they styled it online on the model. I'll be trying that look out next FOSH.

Jeans // Tank // Booties // Bandana // Lipstick // Earrings

That's all I got for this week, y'all. Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!


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