Poached Egg Toast with Toscano Cheese and Avocado

This is actually my recipe! But it's not really a recipe, per se. It's moreso just something I make with minor steps and ingredients. It's not very involved

In general, I don't love eggs. However, I love the poached variety. Making the perfect poached egg is tricky, but I found directions I could follow, practiced over and over, and finally got it down. Combining poached eggs with the right toast and cheese makes for the most delicious breakfast, so here's my latest concoction.



2 large eggs

2 slices of low sodium Ezekiel toast

1/2 of a medium avocado (or a whole teeny one)

Trader Joe's Creamy Toscano Cheese Soaked in Syrah (do not get any other type of cheese or you will ruin my recipe. This cheese makes the entire meal).

Salt and pepper


Poach the eggs (duh).

While eggs are poaching, toast Ezekiel bread to your desired toast-level via the toaster. When toast is almost to your liking, slice off the desired amount of Toscano cheese for each piece, pull toast out of toaster, lay cheese atop toast, and pop back into toaster until cheese is melted (should be around 1 minute).

Top your cheesy toast with the avocado, mashing it with a fork to really get it on there. Lastly, remove poached eggs from their pot with a slotted spoon, pat them dry with a paper towel, and slip them ever-so-gently atop your cheesy, avocado toast. Salt/pepper bae your meal and ENJOY!

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