A little life. a little style. 

it's a lifestyle.

emma's thing is an observational humor and lifestyle blog and, more importantly, my outlet on which to word vomit. I have a knack for saying/writing what most everyone is thinking but has too much self-awareness to actually say out loud. Not me. This blog is my way of connecting to loyal enthusiasts or passers-by via humor, real talk, fashion, beauty, food, and stories on love, life, and the pursuit of just making it through the day. Life gives us a lot to commiserate on, so I do what any shameless person who's an open book to a fault would — lament about it all openly on a public forum where it will live (and haunt me) forever. 

Basically, the bottom line is

 IF I CAN MAKE one person feel less crazy today, I've done what I came to do.

During the day, I'm the head writer for Match.com and its affiliate websites, but the nighttime is a whole other scene. I've been around the Internet block, writing for Bravo television on BuzzfeedElite DailyThought CatalogHello Giggles and even had a piece printed in Cosmopolitan magazine (South Africa). I'm also the ghostwriter for acclaimed fashion blogger, Fashion Jackson.

Want to get in touch with me/just touch me?

You can email me (emmasthing@gmail.com).

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You can Instagram-stalk me.

You can DM me on Twitter, but who actually does that?

You can look around my "professional" site (it's Tumblr. I did what I could).

Or you can try to find out my physical address and write me a letter.

Whichever way you choose, I look forward to hearing from you.