emma's thing is an observational humor and lifestyle blog written by me, Emma. I'm a 30something from Dallas, Texas who does lines of anxiety for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

I've been told that I not only have a knack for saying/writing what everyone is thinking but has too much self-awareness to actually say out loud, but that I also can somehow spin the most boring, mundane day into something entertaining.

In other words, I’m dramatic AF.

Life gives us a lot to commiserate on, so I do what any shameless person who's an open book to a fault would — lament about it on a public forum to thousands of readers (both friends and strangers) where it will live (haunt me) forever. 

Bottom line:

 IF I CAN MAKE one person SAY "OMG. SAME! maybe i’m not that weird/alone" AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, I'VE DONE WHAT I CAME TO DO.


During the day, I'm the Communications Manager for rewardStyle and LIKEtoKNOW.it and, by night, I do this.

I've been around the Internet block, writing for The Every GirlBravo television on BuzzfeedElite DailyThought CatalogHello Giggles, Express's blog, and even had a piece printed in Cosmopolitan magazine (South Africa). I am also the ghostwriter behind acclaimed fashion blogger, Fashion Jackson, and the Hushup X Hustle/Blender Bombs product line.


We've already covered the basics — 32/Yes please!/Dallas — but in case you're jonesing for more info on yah gurl, here's an in-depth interview I gave Full-Time Friends' blog plus some other little nuggets:

• I'm a 100% Eastern European Jew, but am often mistaken for the Latina, Grecian, Middle Eastern, and even mixed persuasion. Because of this, I often refer to myself as "the token racially ambiguous girl."

• I’ve been blogging since 2010, when blogging was exactly that and not just having an Instagram presence with no landing page.

• My amazing mom (Ellen) and I have an advice podcast called “Yeah, We Said It” and it’s available via Apple Podcasts (and also many other podcast platforms). Have a life/love question you want very blunt advice on? Email me — emmasthing@gmail.com

• My last meal would be a Chipotle burrito (steak, brown rice, black beans, hot sauce, medium sauce, a little cheese, a little sour cream, lettuce, MIXED UP), and I'm sorry if that disappoints you.

• I went to the University of Kansas and graduated in 2009 with a Journalism degree (and a minor in film, which hasn't come in handy whatsoever save for being able to throw out a few impressive throwback movie titles here and there).

• I have a long dating history and tons of stories because men are often the worst (I will write a book one of these days).

• My daughter's name is Cece and she's a 6-year-old Cavapoo (Cavalier Kings Charles + Poodle = best breed ever).

• I workout regularly and swear by Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide, Orange Theory, long walks, and a bit of pilates.

• I also swear by portion control, low carb (DURING THE WEEK - weekends are a shit show), and love to cook/try new well-balanced recipes.

• I cuss. A lot.

• One time, I stood on a comedy club's stage in a room full of strangers and read from my 14-year-old self's diary. Then, I did it again but from my 17-year-old self's diary.

• Hip hop gets me amped, jazz gets me focused, pop gets me singing, and country can GTFO.


You can email me (emmasthing@gmail.com).

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Whichever way you choose, I look forward to hearing from you.