If you're signed up with the app, you already know the drill. If you aren't, allow me to make you privy.

By downloading the, you're able to follow your favorite bloggers/influencers (hi) and get details about what they're wearing instantly. Once it's downloaded and you're signed up, FOLLOW ME (@ emmasthing, obv)! To shop my looks or get more info on them, you can either a) screenshot my Instagram pics of OOTDs and they'll appear in the LTK app for you to browse OR b) since you'll already be following me within the app already, any time I post a new look, it shows right up in your feed!

Basically, it's a super handy way for you to stalk my OOTDs, sale alerts, and what I'm into even more than you already do. 


Some of my most tried and true go-tos