My Favorite (and Filling) Breakfast Smoothie

For the longest time, I bashed smoothies for breakfast. I didn't see the point because they almost never filled me up so, to me, it was a waste of perfectly good calories I could've used on something heartier. However, being introduced to Blender Bombs a few months ago via my coworker changed EVERYTHING. Well, the bombs and this blender that, yes, is an investment but the horsepower on this MF is unreal. Truly, I've never been more titillated to watch something get pulverized in my entire life. It, along with Hushup + Hustle's Blender Bombs, have turned my smoothie game on its head. 

Here's why Helen Hall's Blender Bombs are a smoothie nuh-sess-ah-TAY for me now: 1) They're delicious as all fuck, 2) Their ingredients (typically a base of dates, chia/hemp/flax seed, a lot of nuts, organic honey, cinnamon) pack a protein punch that makes protein powder obsolete, 3) They legitimately fill you up until lunch.

AND! You can get 10% off your first order with code EMMA10

Now, Helen is a big proponent of Intermittent Fasting which I respect but don't find fitting to my lifestyle, so often times you'll see her post about waiting until between 11-1pm to have your smoothie. For me, I make this smoothie first thing in the morning and suck it down on the way to work (so around 9am) and am good to go until my next meal. Oh and I can't stress this enough: Although Hushup + Hustle just came out with their own granola (which I'm SURE is incredible), Purely Elizabeth's granola (which is organic as fuck and doesn't have one ingredient listed that you can't pronounce) is like crack cocaine and made my already newly upped smoothie game that much more upped. The blender bombs you can only order via Hushup + Hustle's website, but Purely Elizabeth is more than likely available in your local Whole Foods, Central Market, or even the organic section of your Kroger. Oh, and on Amazon (of course).

So, without further adieu, here is the simplest yet most filling and DELICIOUS breakfast smoothie I have yet to concoct in the best blender of all time:

Place all ingredients in a blender (milk first so you can get the exact measurement right), blend, and scream "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING" out loud in your kitchen.